20 Free Spins For Winter Wins

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It’s still cold as heck out there and there are no more holidays to party through the freezing and boring weather. Well, we at Casino Extreme say enough is enough! Party is back in town, with an amazing 20 free spins that you can claim every day! And, it’s a no deposit bonus which means everyone can join in on the fun. Let’s see what this noise is all about.

20 Free Spins on the Hottest Slots

Now the free spins promotions prove time and time again to be the most popular of them all. And for good reasons. This bonus is fun, fast, and most of all FREE! So watch our most popular slots as you never know which one will be hit with the 20 spins. But, this got me thinking. What are our hottest slots? What even is a hot slot? Joking, of course, this is just an elaborate segway to talk about the hottest slot of them all. Builder Beaver. Now I am joking around but did you know today is a National squirrel appreciation day. Yap January 21st is the time to honor our favorite tree climbing and nut munching rodent.

For those provoked by my mention of Builder Beaver, fear not. Beaver appreciation day is, well not around the corner, but close (Aprile 7th). But when we are all talking this leisurely you should claim your Winter cash promotion.

But enough chitchat let’s get down to business. The code name is WINTER20. Grab that and you’re set! The wagering on this is x45 which is pretty great as promotions go. Of course, to prevent general funny business we put $10 per spin. This is great as it keeps us focused and not overspending. The rest of the promotion terms are below, keep moving and grooving and have fun spinning!

Terms & Conditions

Coupon Code: WINTER20
x45 wagering on fs winnings
MCO: $50
NP Slots only allowed excluding 777
$10 max bet per spin

P.S. INSTANT WITHDRAWALS. Don’t forget the name of the games. Fast money and even faster withdrawals.

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